Healthcare facilities are the most fertile ground for the birth and growth of problems related to the spread of viruses, bacteria, spores, molds.

In Hospitals, We also hear the shocking news about infections in elderly and weaker patients as well as small children. In rare cases, infections end up fatal as a result of multi-resistant bacteria (MRB). In hospitals, corridor floors retain a high concentration of germs as they are brought in by visitors.
Going to the doctor’s office can present a risk of infection if there are germs in the air. You are exposed to dangerous viruses and bacteria especially in the waiting room and office. The risk of infection is particularly high in all places where sick people are found. The consequences of such infections are significant and we are all well aware of them. Likewise, lots of patients go the doctor “healthy”, yet return home with germs.

Higher levels of airborne germs are also possible in surgery units, patient rooms and examination rooms.

UV-C radiation for a strong germicidal power against all the microorganisms

If the UV-C radiation hits a microorganism at a wavelength of 253.7 nm, the DNA quickly changes so that reproduction is no longer possible. Viruses and germs like MRSA, SARS, Corona or H7N9 can be eliminated within seconds.

This effect is used in our Stand alone Air sanitizers. The decontaminated air is passed through the UV-C emitters by a fan and the microorganisms are destroyed within seconds.