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par flow

Product name: In-Duct air sanitizing units

Series: Par flow

Models:  UV-Ster BW4/75ST & UV-Ster BW6/75ST

  • Features:

– Powerful UV-C lamps.

– Powered with electronic ballast.

– Anodized aluminum Parabolic Reflectors maximizes 360° of UV Energy.

– Heavy duty.

– Ozone free, Zero free Radicals.

– Hour Meter and LEDs for monitoring the status of the UV-C emitters.

– 9000 working Hours before maintenance operation.

Technical specifications

Model – Specifications .UV-Ster BW4/75STUV-Ster BW6/75ST
Supply voltage 220VAC , 50HZ220VAC , 50HZ
Power consumption (W)300450
UV-C emitters4 × 75 Watt6 × 75 Watt
UV-C emitter length (cm)84.584.5
Base dimension L×W×H (cm)105×30×11105×42×11
Weight (kg)1518