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Product name: In-room air sanitizer

Series: PGK (Professional Germs Killer)

Model: 003MDR

  • Features:

– Easily wall mountable.

– Portable (can serve more than one room).

– Heavy duty.

– Housing made of powder coated galvanized sheet material.

– Germicidal reactors in mirror finish anodized Aluminum reflectors.

– Powerful UV-C emitters.

– Electronic ballasts for UV-C emitters.

– Dust filter to increase the disinfection efficiency of the UV-C emitters.

– Use in the presence of people.
– Sanitizing volume of air up to 50

– Ozone free, Zero free Radicals.

– dropping gradually the microbial load in the air, after few minutes from the start.

– Hour Meter and LEDs for monitoring the status of the UV-C emitters.

– Continues working 24h/24.

– 9000 working Hours before maintenance operation.

Technical specifications

Height (without base) (cm)78
Width (cm)56
Depth (cm)16
Supply voltage220VAC,50HZ
Power consumption (w)285
Air flow rate (m^3/h)Stage1:50 Stage 2:100
Noise (dB)43
UV-C emitters6×36 Watt
Total UV-C dosage (µws/cm^2)17200
Weight (kg)23