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Powered Air purifying Respirator Full Mask

Product name: Power Air purifying Respirator

Series: Full mask

Models: DARE-MK180F & DARE-MK360F


  • Features:

– UV-C system designed to make direct contact between UV-C rays and air stream which eliminates 99.999% of airborne microbes such as (H1N1, H5N1, MERS COV) in a single pass

– The purifying unit combines both optimal performance for single pass killing and small size with light weight

– Dust filter cartridge to increase the disinfection efficiency of the UV-C emitter.

– Shatterproof   UV-C emitter.

– Ozone free, Zero free Radicals.

– The purifying unit powered by Li-ion Rechargeable battery with 3.5 working hours.

– Facemask: Full mask with breathing tube.

– Audio low battery alarm.

– Hour Meter and LEDs for monitoring the status of the UV-C emitter.

– UV-C emitter should be replaced every 9000 working hours.

– The facemask and purifying unit are showerproof and the whole unit can be effectively decontaminated.

Specifications – ModelDARE-MK180FDARE-MK360F
Purifying unit dimensions L×W×H(cm)40 × 19 × 1542 × 19 × 15
Supply voltage 12VDC12VDC
Battery Li-ionLi-ion
Battery service (h)3.52
Power consumption (w)2448
Air flow rate (m^3/h)7.27.2
UV-C emitters1×18 watt2×18 watt
Weight (kg)1.11.6