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• (HVAC units)
1- Air stream disinfection
In-Duct air sanitizing units provide the extreme power of the UV-C rays to kill and eradicate biological contaminants passing through it as the air is circulated by the HVAC system. Each unit has a number of High Intensity UV-C emitters which are mounted to Aluminum Anodized Parabolic Reflectors that reflect the full 360° of Germicidal Radiation.
Units are installed in the ductwork of central air system to be perpendicular or parallel to the air stream in order to maximize the contaminant’s contact time with the UV energy. The number and length of UV-C emitters will depend on the size of the duct, the velocity of the air moving within the duct, the specific contaminants to be treated and the desired % kill.
2- Cooling coil disinfection
Cooling coil disinfection units are designed to prevent and destroy mold and other microbial contaminants from fan coils, walk in A/C coils and the air.
High intensity UV-C emitters with anodized Aluminum Parabolic Reflectors make the Cooling coil disinfection unit incredibly effective.
Units are installed in the duct work against the cooling coil. While the UV-C emitters have minutes, hours, days and even months to bask the coil with UV energy.